It's been a full-on 12 days and my brain is still fizzing with all the knowledge you have shared; as well as digesting the delicious food, I'm also digesting all the nuggets of wisdom!

Laura, Argentina

Thank you for your hospitality, your lovely life teachings, your delicious cooking and everything shared in your classes.  Thank you for giving me all I need to fulfil my dream, in gratitude and love.


The word to describe this course is 'excellence', it reflects the heart of Nicola & David who treat everyone with unconditional acceptance.  The teaching has been very well planned and paced, each lesson building on the last.

Patti, France



Level 1 has taken my experience, knowledge and commitment to macrobiotics to a whole new level!  I have loved every minute of the 12 day course and half wish that it didn't have to end.  All the teachers were fantastic, everyone brought their own individuality and experience to the group, enhancing our learning every step of the way.  A life changing experience, I can't wait to start Level 2!


A truly amazing experience that will help set me on a healing path, mentally and physically.  I feel honoured to have been part of the experience and look forward to seeing you again soon!